Welcome to the Club 100 Charities website! Club 100 is making a difference in the town of Lake Park.


US 2019 Census shows that the town of Lake Park has a population of 8,556 and 15.6% or 1,335 people are living in poverty. Seven years ago, Club 100 Charities established a Food & Clothing pantry at St. John’s Lutheran Church in order to help those who are struggling. This was outgrown, and the operation was moved to Bethlehem Haitian Baptist Church.

An overview of our efforts since 2013:

  • September 2014 – opened Food Pantry at St. Johns
  • 2016 – moved to Bethlehem Chapel
  • 140,000 families collectively served
  • 580,000 members in family
  • 1,912.000 food items distributed
  • 380,000 clothes items distributed
  • 122,012 donations of clothes to St. Ann Place – homeless
  • 68,200 donations of clothes, food items to St. Georges Homeless Center
  • $3,178,179 food value distributed
  • Value of donations¬† = $403,756
  • We are blessed with over 48 volunteers!

Our new truck… donated by Friends Helping Friends

Next steps…

We plan to develop an athletic program to benefit local youth


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